BUY THEM NOW so that you will garantee to be one of only 780 people to get them.
These coins are commemorative and their value is only as a collectors items, they have no legal value .
There are only 780 sets being produced, measurements  are 31mm x 2,25mm produced from a copper alloy gold in color.
Each coin will be accompanied with its own certificate of authenticity and number.

The phoenix, has been present on Sicilian coinage from time immortal, in 1782, 500 years of the Sicilian vespers it was present on the gold oncia

 i have genuine handmade coppola too

think of you could make a valuable gift to for around 15 Usd

We can issue certificate in their name details on our contact page

1 set - 2 pieces

$ 35 USD

Anniversary of the flag
To celebrate the 730th anniversary of the flag , it shown Sicily divided into the 9 provinces and their initials. Palermo, Messina, Catania, Siracusa, Ragusa, Enna, Caltanisetta, Agrigento, Trapani

just 780 minted a real collectors piece


Price includes postage via recorded delivery



3 set - 6 pieces 10% OFF

$ 75 USD

you will recieve 3 of each coin

Featured on the main face is the Trinacria ,symbol since time immemorial connected with Sicily, 3 starts represent the 3 points of the Island (capo Passaro, capo Peloro, capo Lilibeo)

Along the edge, the Sicilian shout of freedom,

ANimus TUus Dominus” Courage is your Lord

Make someone happy 10% OFF

3 the lucky number !! you can add the flag and there is NO postage charges 

Price includes postage via recorded delivery



2 sets - 4 piece - 5% OFF

$ 60 USD

Resurgit piece
The phoenix that is reborn from the flames of Sicily, with above the word RESURGIT, mean "rebirth- arise”

The 3, the magical number, associated with Sicily, the initial FS that could mean “free Sicily or franco siculo(Sicilian franc) future unit of monetary independence. Franco is recognised internationally to mean free.

Buy the set for added value 5% OFF

Price includes postage via recorded delivery


Sicilian Flag 150cm x 90cm

$ 17 USD

the beautiful Sicilian flag 150 x 90 cm (approx)

if placing your orded at the same time as medals i can fit into the same packet without extra costs

the price shown is for included with 2 to 4 sets


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